Lots of companies choose the U.S market as the first milestone as the “Go Global Strategy.” To start a business overseas can be very helpful to improve global visibility, seize the foreign market opportunities and become the industry opinion leader.



Great Color Marketing services aim to deliver customers revenue. We build customized programs to help you drive engagement, conversion, and optimization. We will translate your Chinese business into a measurable and actionable marketing strategy in the US market. We will ensure that we have a seamless bi-cultural integration during the delivery.


Our depth of working experience ranges from early-stage market research, product positioning and the final stages such as conversion and revenue growth. We proceed with each strategy with cautious and apply data-driven philosophy efficiently. No matter you are looking for a full-scale growth idea or just an improvement for the already-existing programs. We are here for you!


Our Growth Methodology
Communication – Analysis – Plan – Growth – Optimization


Communication is the key if you want to start the business in a foreign land. Lack of knowledge of local cultural, law, audience behavior can bring fatal death for your business. For all our overseas clients, instead of getting down to work directly, we will breakdown the proposal to the details carefully. We will help you foresee all the features that you ignore, which can impact your business result and minimize all the potential risks you can’t avoid by yourself.


The analysis is the foundation for the solid marketing plan. The study is a data-driven proposal to give a clear sign of why and how to move on to the next step. The analysis results usually come from the industry research, market survey, focus group research. A seamless combination of the market need and the nature of your products/service themselves.


A strategic and considerate plan is a peace of mind for your whole marketing business. We apply different long-term and short-term business, project management plan to ensure all the sophisticated the tasks will align with the schedule. Each project participant will be kept on the same page all the time.


The growth is the fuel for your rocket to launch. Rome wasn’t built in a day. To achieve great success in conversion, we need to nurture the market patiently and strategically by establishing brand awareness, leads generation and referral, etc. from the very beginning. We will support your business to grow step by step.


To consolidate all the success you gain in the past, keep optimizing is the one more step you need to consider to maintain your play. The optimization can include your brand identity, public opinions, reputation management and so on. We will help you put an eye to ensure your overall performance keeps growing all the time.