The overall marketing campaigns or customized solutions based on your request are available.


Usually, your marketing promotion will face three phases. The first phase, also known as the top funnel, will focus on your brand awareness. No matter whether you own a new brand or an existing brand, brand visibility is the key to keep you remembered by the market. A social proof or influencer endorsement can be a strong support in keeping you under the spotlight within a short time.


The 2nd phase, which comes as your middle funnel, will focus on the brand consideration. This includes leads generation, re-targeting, etc. It’s hard to convince clients to purchase your service/products at first sight when they see it, which is also the reason why phase 1 is crucial. We need to expose the target audience to your brand again and again. Only enough impressions can recall your brand to the audience’s consideration.


The 3rd phase, also known as the bottom funnel, will focus on the conversion. It is the most challenging part because it requests people taking the money out of their pocket. Campaigner will apply different B2B or B2C promotions to make it more likely for people to take action. However, if you have an excellent long-term market nurturing strategy, you will receive a lot of unexpected inbound leads and conversion. Sometimes, you will have some challenges at the last stage; then you need to look back on your overall strategies to trouble-shooting your weak link.


Here are our integrated solutions to serve each phase.


Digital Marketing
– Google paid ads, video ads, social media ads.
– Google SEO
– Creative ad copy and landing page design
– Campaign A/B Testing


Content Marketing
– Social media channel setup
– Blog or newsletter service
– Chinese social media account management
– Social mentioning analysis and management
-KOL marketing


Event Marketing
-Industry events selection
-Events sponsorship design
-Onsite campaign strategy


-Market research
-Market survey design
-Success metric analysis