As we all know, marketers always play with multiple tactics to acquire users. Compared to those paid ads, which can bring a quick result, email marketing requires more patience. Leads nurturing by content via email can be a marathon. Too many unqualified email blasts will also end up in your newsletter in the users’ junk box, and your email address will become the spam symbol. So is email marketing dead already? Alternatively, how can we apply the right email campaign strategy?

Email Marketing

Industry Insights

According to Emarsys, 81% of marketers say that email is the best way for them to acquire new users, and 80% believe email is the most efficient way to retain them. According to Statista, 2018, global email users numbered 3.7 billion. By 2022, this figure will grow to 4.3 billion.


Methods for Leads Generation

So the email strategy is still one of the most reliable long-term campaign strategies. So how can we get more subscribers? We usually use paid ads, cross-promotion, social media, or other promotional tactics to drive the traffic on the specific landing/offer pages. The helpful and appealing content below can let visitors submit their emails to your site :

  • Giveaways: Choose something that can immediately add value for new users. For example, gift cards, best-selling products/services related to your business, or some conference tickets or accessories can arouse the audience’s interest. A sweet spot for giveaway prize value is $300-$600.
  • Content update: Provide some downloadable materials with informative or educational information — for example, checklist, white paper, worksheet, video transcript, limited time offers, or bonus offers. For those people who have no time to read details in a short time, they can choose to download and save for later view. Meanwhile, their action to subscribe can save your CPA (Cost-Per-Action) too.


However, please remember that those methods always have pros and cons. Although you can always target the audience based on the demographic in the paid ads system, a wrong landing page with a terrible form design can cause the loss of traffic conversion.


Once you get those email leads, you need to begin your long-term nurturing strategy immediately. For example, auto-reply welcome email -> post email such as a contest with incentive -> educational email- testimonial email -> sales email. You can also integrate the whole process with your CRM system to monitor and grade the recipients.


Email marketing is not dying. On the contrary, we can expect more from it if we correctly apply the overall strategy.