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  • Business to China

    Want to bring your service or products to China? As we all know, China has an active potential market. Due to the cultural difference and the new geopolitical system, it’s hard for a ...

  • Business to the US

    Lots of companies choose the U.S market as the first milestone as the “Go Global Strategy.” To start a business overseas can be very helpful to improve global visibility, seize the ...

  • Marketing Solutions

    The overall marketing campaigns or customized solutions based on your request are available.   Usually, your marketing promotion will face 3 phases. The first phase, also known as the top ...


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Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

SEO is not a new concept for the business owner, a full name known as Search Engine Optimization, aiming to improve your organic rank on the search engine result based on the search algorithm. Compared to the organic search, those results ranked ...

New Product Concept Testing I

  As a marketer, it is essential to test if the new product concept will be acceptable for the market before involving mass production. There will be a significant risk if you have an ambiguous definition on the audience segments, the ...

New Product Concept Testing II

In our last article New Product Concept Testing I, we discussed the brand recognition from your clients. In this article, we will talk more about how to study the consumer’s feedback on your products.     Let’s continue the ...

How Does the Product Marketing Work?

Compared to digital marketing, content marketing, or event marketing, it seems that the title of the product marketing manager is not straight forward enough, and it will be harder for people to recognize specific responsibilities from it ...


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