Compared to digital marketing, content marketing, or event marketing, it seems that the title of the Product Marketing manager is not straight forward enough, and it will be harder for people to recognize specific responsibilities from it directly. Besides, people always get confused this role with the Product Manager.


Product Marketing


Product Manager Vs. Product Marketing Manager

First of all, let us make a comparison between the these 2 roles. Usually, product manager stays very close to the engineering team. This position should be the right person who defines the nature of the product, e.g., What is the product? Why should we build this product? What is the differentiation compared to the similar ones on the market? Etc. By answering all these questions, the product manager should communicate with the engineering team to build this right product with the right timing.


Meanwhile, another role is a more market faced person. This position should be responsible for communicating all these fantastic features into appealing selling points to the whole marketplace. This person should understand the product, market, and the overall audience. Also, Both the managers should work together closely and help each other to understand the product better as well as the change from the market needs.


Since the product marketing is helping to translate the concept into the messages which are more acceptable by the final consumers. This guy needs to do much cross-departmental communication. The responsibility varies from different corporates, and it could cover the intersection among product management, sales, and other marketing functionalities. Nowadays, we have 7Ps such as product, place, price, place, promotion, packaging, positioning. Although the product marketing manager conducts the overall marketing strategy, the product manager and sales team should also participate in sharing insights during the decision making.


 Cross-departmental Collaboration

In a word, the marketing manager needs to work closely with the product manager and the sales team daily. Here is the general breakdown of how they collaborate.


Cooperation with product manager:
-Vision statement
-Product development


Cooperation with the sales team:
-Positioning statement
-Sales guide


Product marketing manager’s responsibility
-Competitor analysis
-Target audience research
-Buyer Persona
-Launch plan (including digital marketing, content strategy, and other overall marketing strategies)
-Feedback analysis report