Want to bring your service or products to China? As we all know, China has an active potential market. Due to the cultural difference and the new geopolitical system, it’s hard for a foreign explorer to give an accurate estimation of the needed cost and time commitment. Besides, the marketing strategy also needs to be localized to meet the distribution expectation. So before starting the new journey, you can consider consulting or outsourcing the campaign execution to an experienced local team. Stay hands-free and worry-free when the market to China.


WV Marketing, as Great Color Marketing’s strategic partner, the local team based in Shanghai China, can help you boom your marketing launch from both market research and campaign execution. The team members come from world-class consulting companies having more than 10yrs project experience.


Market Research

Market segmentation is helpful to understand your clients by dividing your potential clients into groups based on different characteristics and behaviors. By figuring out their similarities on interests, needs, and location, we can introduce the scientific plan for product positioning and testing. With the latest response from the market, we can move on how to localize your strategy including to polish the campaign messages, pricing, and promotion channels, etc.


Campaign Launch

Once everything is ready, your brand must need more exposure in front of the public. We have excellent relationships with different media channels to serve your press release or media interview purpose. Besides, digital marketing such as Baidu PPC, Baidu SEO/SEM, and content marketing such as Weibo, Wechat, blog, newsletter delivery can also help to support your long-term optimization.