SEO, search engine optimization, is one of the best long-term strategies to bring traffic to your website. Improving Baidu keyword research quality can bring you more the right traffic. If you want to run the business in China, we strongly suggest that you create a website hosted in China, which will be more convenient for you to do the Baidu SEO and Baidu PPC afterwards.

Baidu Keyword Search Tips


Similar to Google SEO, Baidu also has its tools to track the overall website performance. PC Index becomes a critical sign when you start your keyword selection. Here is something you need to know about Baidu keyword research:


PC Index

PC Index stands for the web search volume from the computer search. If one keyword PC Index starts from 100, and brings you 5-10% traffic, this means the visits to your website will be around 5-10. It’s better to set no more than 4 keywords for the home page, and 1-2 long tail keywords for the subpages. We strongly recommend you optimize the keywords one-by-one and start with the ones with a lower PC Index. We need to keep daily traffic visits stable. Besides, it’s essential to build qualified backlinks to generate fresh content daily. Otherwise, it’s hard to realize the improvement of the high page rank.


Keyword Research

Use the related Baidu tools to track the keywords’ search volume. Meanwhile, check your competitors’ strategy and analyze the top-ranked websites which contain these keywords. This data can provide you necessary insight into the competition of these keywords. Obviously, it’s more challenging to optimize those keywords with high competition. Alternatively, you can choose to begin with those of middle competition level, but greater accuracy.


Keyword Selection Categories

  • General keywords. Description of the industry, service, and products such as web design, web promotion, hand-made gifts, etc.
  • Accurate keywords. The specific definition of your product or service.
  • High-converting keywords. Those ones with an incentive which is attractive enough for people to click.
  • Long tail keywords. Since the language system between Chinese and English is quite different, I can basically describe this concept as core keyword + adj. / location etc.
  • “W”-style keywords. What, when, which, why…Set the most asked questions as the long keywords.
  • Black horse style keywords. The newly-invented words on the search trend.


Keywords Display Area

Embed your keywords ORGANICALLY into the title, meta description, alt-tag of your image. Avoid redundancy. Consider your keyword or synonym as your anchor text too.

In a word, to improve the SEO requires both content strategy and a deep understanding of technical skills. There are lots of factors that matter in SEO results. The keyword selection strategy has a significant impact on the final results.


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