Facebook had 2.38 billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2019 according to Statista. Facebook is still one of the most powerful social media channels today. A fantastic Facebook content strategy will both be helpful for the daily audience engagement as well as long-term ads campaign. You can also see How to Evaluate PPC Ads Performance for more information.


Here are some tips about how you should consider FB content when you start the posts.

Facebook Content Strategy


Design Your Facebook Content

Set your social media voice, and keep the persona consistent among all your posts. Plan your content monthly. You can make full use of image, video, and gif – since people have no patience for a long paragraph. Stock images are not usually that attractive; instead, having some creative assets related to your post can catch more attention. Apply the 3-Sentence Rules to attract attention, add value, and call to action. As for the CTA (Call-To-Action) part, it varies and includes such CTAs as to click a link, tag a friend, leave a comment, or join a poll (and so on).


Diversify Your Facebook Content

Think about the messages you want to deliver on your timeline. Try to diversify the topics as much as you can. For example, the upcoming holidays or events, discount campaign, products features, questions for audiences, contests, giveaways, or other lucky draw opportunities. Facebook posts with images and emoticons have higher engagement rates than those without.

Sometimes video posts will work better. However, you always need to consider most of the audience will decide whether they are interested in finishing the video within the first 5 seconds of watching it, probably without sound. A video with appealing content is more likely to go viral.


Schedule Your Facebook Post

There are a couple of marketing tools for scheduling your posts. No more than 5 -10 posts per week; otherwise, people will not like a brand over-promoting its products or services.


Interact with Your Facebook Audience

You may not only pay attention to your regular posts but also pay attention to your comments or even FB messages. People can either inspire you or destroy you in those areas. Some people will regard the comments area as part of the customer support, and will believe that if they can bring the problems into the public, they can get a quicker response. In other words, the way you react to comments matters in the overall user experience, which also impacts your market reputation. Always stay positive and patient with negative comments; be supportive, instead of removing them directly (although you can do so). Unanswered comments could cause a terrible impression on the other members of the audience.


Stay Smart with Hashtags

Finally, hashtags could be a miracle for newbies. Unlike the ones on Instagram, too many hashtags can jeopardize engagements. One to two hashtags will be enough, and you need to always be sure the hashtags are relevant. There are multiple tools on the market to help you search for hot and related topics. By applying the right ones, you are more likely to be categorized in the right groups and recognized by the audience who resonates with your posts.